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Step 1: Choose Your Car

Scheduling a car is often difficult due to the fact that all the cars are independently owned and each car has special requirements, such as how far it can be driven, what roads it may be driven on, where it can be driven, etc.

Selection: We ask that you select three cars from our website that you would enjoy having at your special event.

Coordination: We will contact the owners of the cars that you have chosen in the order you have chosen them until we find a car that is available for your event.

Step 2: Email Us Information About Your Event

To schedule your event please email the following information:

Contact Information, Event Date and Event Type:
  Name: _____________________
  Phone: _____________________
  eMail: _____________________

Mailing Address:
  Line 1: _____________________
  Line 2: _____________________
  City: _____________________
  State: _____________________
  Zip: _____________________

  Event Date: _____________________
  Event Type (wedding, birthday, etc): _____________________

Selected Cars:
  Choice #1: _________________
  Choice #2: _________________
  Choice #3: _________________

Starting Location (church, home, etc.):
  Name: __________________________
  Phone: __________________________
  Address: ________________________
  City: ___________________________
  State: __________________________
  Zip: _______________________
  What time will you be coming out the doors of your event?: __________

Ending Location (church, home, etc.):
  Name: ___________________________
  Phone: __________________________
  Address: ________________________
  City: ___________________________
  State: __________________________
  Zip: _______________________

Step 3: Send $50 Coordination Fee

The $50 Coordination fee is necessary for you to secure our services to move forward but will be subtracted from your total cost.

Once we receive the coordination fee we will go to work on finding one of the cars that you have chosen starting with the first car on your list.

After confirming arrangements and logistics with everyone, we will create a contract and send it to you for review with a cost breakdown.

For example, a Wedding Getaway is $300 plus $45 for gas ($345). Your contract will show the $50 fee as paid, with the difference of $295 due.

Step 4: Sign and Return Contract

The contract must be signed and returned with payment no less than 7 days before the event. In the contract, this date is referred to as the "Drop Dead Date".

If full payment due is not received by the Drop Dead Date, we will reserve the right to cancel the appointment and retain the $50 Coordination Fee.

Mail Contract and Payments to:

  Old Autos Special Events
  1551 South Peakview Drive
  Castle Rock, CO 80109

Click here for a Word document Form you can download

Click here for a PDF document Form you can download


If at any time, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don't hesitate to call us at (303) 688-0430 or send us an e-mail at Old Autos Special Events.