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I started providing collector cars for special events in the early 90s. I felt it was a shame these beautiful historical autos were stored in barns where they were never seen. I did mall shows, rest homes, parades. I did some weddings. In 2000 I put an add in (The Perfect Wedding Guide) I put together a Picture book of individual cars that would be available special events. The response I received made me realize there is a market for showing collector cars.

Today I represent cars from 1914 Model Ts to cars in the 90s. I will council the bride and groom to find the best car and driver for their wedding. Are you traveling at night? Are you traveling on a highway? Are you going to spend $100.00 on your hair the morning of the wedding? If you are you might want a closed car, rather than an open car. We spread smiles and entertain by telling stories of how the owner acquired the car. Was it in a barn for 30 years? Was it a pile of rust in a field? Was it handed down in your family?

Let Old Autos Special Events be a part of your special day. Ten years later while you are showing your wedding pictures, the person will say “Where did you find that pretty old car?”.

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